Phase IV Makuri Islands "Mt Fuji" Expansion

I would hope that the Designers @ Zwift HQ would make working on the next phase of the Makuri Islands a priority (as opposed to adding just another new world). To that end, I have attached a possible Phase IV map to help you guys get started…

There’s already a bridge - with roadworks - in Urukazi and Mt Fuji can be seen in the distance.


Mt. Fuji’s been there since Makuri first launched a year and a half ago, always lurking in the background… teasing us

Yeah but now there are least seems to be a “direction” we could be taking towards it. It would be at the top of the map above rather than to the left (West) of Urukazi.

Yep, necessary - as a gravel climb, preferably with a nice paved path beside it for runners only to use. :wink:

(Sarcasm off)

A simple bit of triangulation from a couple of locations in Yumezi and Urukazi shows where the designers at Zwift HQ thinks Mt Fuji should be in the overall scheme of things.


The connection to Urukazi seems to be around here

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Agreed on the direction you are showing!

Go into the jungle in Watopia and there is the road closed off directly against a rock face, for years teasing us about a potential tunnel straight to ADZ… :wink:

Maybe they could introduce Mt Fuji as a special access road that you have to pay a toll to ride on - each lap costs a certain amount of drops? :wink:

This would be a way to help prevent riders getting 50,000,000 drops without doing a drops reset (like the XP reset).

Hey, maybe they could do a shortcut tunnel to ADZ and charge drops to use it! :cowboy_hat_face:

If I remember correctly this should depict a landslide on the road and we are guided around it over gravel.

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I hope it comes soon, hopefully Mt. Fuji will be in the This Season on Zwift [March 2023] announcement! It’s been there for years and hopefully it’s finally done soon! I would LOVE IT!!!

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Makuri Islands possible expansions.

I want an underground/indoors crit course under the robot factory on Mech Island. There are at least two entrances to some tunnels already next to the road.