Further Makuri Islands expansion speculation

Although we’ve only just had the Neokyo expansion, I can’t help thinking about what the next addition to this world will be. With the new UI set to arrive in the coming months and Pace Partners riding in Yumezi even when not a guest world, the signs are pointing to Makuri Islands becoming a permanently open world pretty soon, which might suggest that it is going to see more development resources put its way.

Yesterday, while riding the Temples and Towers route, which passes through the tunnel that links Yumezi to Neokyo, I was curious to see the currently blocked turn-off in the middle of the tunnel that would take riders north, relative to the current map orientation. Could this be the rumored road to Fuji-San? Sure, there have been other roads under construction in Watopia for a couple of years now without any progress… but I have a good feeling about this.
Disclaimer: I did put ‘speculation’ in the title. :wink:

Am I a hopeless optimist?

(Screenshot taken from 11’30’’ on Herd Racing on Zwift’s “Temples and Towers” YouTube.)

Kaiju land.
Mecha land.

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If you look around there are plenty of similar looking features across the worlds. As you ever the jungle there are barriers indicating works etc… London has a few places that look like they could be opened up.

I do think the long term aim is to expand Makuri though.

Much sooner than long term!