Logical Mt. Fuji Expansion

A logical Mt. Fuji expansion with climbs as well as rollers and the all-important "flat routes
" for group rides. Image is based on some actual roads in the area.

i love that you put the connectors to all the places that appear “stubbed” out on the map already. well done!

also, one thing that i dislike about the neokyo expansion is that there is only 1 road to connect it to makuri. i like how you have multiple, that would help the looping quite a bit.

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Another logical connection would be via the blocked-off bridge at the Neokyo port/marina (near the Crit Course starting pen).

If this route is adopted, I think Asian users, especially Japanese users, will be happy.
Mt. Fuji has three paved routes: Fuji Subaru-Line, Fuji Sky-Line, and Fuji Azami-Line.
Each of which hosts the country’s largest amateur hill climb race as well as professional races in Japan.

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Masa: Excellent observation…

Makuri really needs a minimum 400M+ climb and this would be amazing.

Very cool idea

This was posted on another site, apparently taken from the game. Not a million miles away?