Makuri Islands - Which is the best expansion?

Hey everyone!
I am curious what you all think of the different parts of the Makuri Islands. Is Urukazi the best yet? Or was Neokyo? Feel free to leave your thoughts below. I’d love to know what others think about this topic.

Personally, I think that Urukazi is the best expansion so far. I just really like how peaceful the scenery is. Yumezi was a bit too dull and ancient for me, and Neokyo was a bit too vibrant.

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  • Urukazi
  • Neokyo
  • Yumezi

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Agree, urukazi has very good scenery and some fun elements, it’s just missing a significant climb I think.


Neokyo all day long. I lived in Osaka for a few minutes and Neokyo gives me visceral flashbacks. Would be nice to have some proper climbs though.

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Only rode Urukazi in warm-up before Chain Chomper race plus a bit of stalking via fan-view earlier today - looks nice. Good graphics and well put together. Looking forward to knocking off the badges to get to know it some more.

I have a brain fade and easily get lost in Neokyo unless I select a route. Not a favourite but nice to have as contrast.

I think Urukazi . not had a chance to ride it yet but did fan view quite a lot of it last night and looks great.

Neokyo is nice but it’s all very alike. It’s the one world I still could not tell you routes on.

100% Neokyo.

Urukazi is getting all the votes for being “that new shiny thing” but if this poll were run in 3 months, I think Neokyo would come out ahead. It’s what the NYC map should have been with all the tight turns and narrow alleys.

Neokyo All-Nighter has to be one of my favourite routes in all of Zwift with four sprints and the Rooftop KOM, it’s a good 45-minute tempo workout.

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Sand is terrible, the neon is terrible
It is the first world I do not ride.
I will ride Mt. Fuji when released in 2023.

Haters gunna hate