No badge from Kappa Quest Reverse

I finished a meetup I initiated myself doing Kappa Quest Reverse but didnt get a badge. Did I do something wrong missing the badge?

I got a message on zwift «Finished Kappa Quest Reverse Meetup» or something similar after 10,1 km but looking at Zwift Insider I am confused. It says the route is 14 km…

The route starts and finishes at the Temple KOM banner. The lead-in of 5.1km’s is required to get you to the start of that route, then do the 9.1km ride of the route.

All route badges (fairly sure its all but I might be slightly wrong) have a lead-in distance. Zwift only has a small number of spawn places on maps (compared to number of routes) hence you need to ride to get to the start of a route.


Hi Gunnar @Gu.S

I definitely get any confusion from this and the lead-ins can be tricky. It’s likely best to overshoot the general route distance by at least a few kilometers so you’re accounting for the lead-in. Zwift should give you a notification banner in-game when you earn a route badge, so keep an eye out for that.

You’ll find more info on lead-ins in this Route Achievements article.

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