Neo 2T and Cervelo P5 frame clearance

Anyone else running a classic Cervelo P5 (think team Garmin Sharp, where I got the frame from) with a Tacx Neo 2T?

If so, what did you do for frame clearance on the non drive side? There is HARDLY any clearance between frame and the case of the Neo 2T.

I’d prefer not to get any damage on this frame because it is irreplaceable - it’s like a time warp from the days of Rohan Dennis, David Millar, etc.

Anyone doing “mods” to the case of the Neo 2T? Or replacement case with more clearance in problem area?

Certainly a specific issue with that kind of frame / trainer combo.

Behind the area you are having issues is the cadence circuitry.
You could cut the case away but that’d invalidate your warranty and that area is rife for sweat coming off your legs.

Is the frame in contact with the plastic? Got a picture?

It’s very, very close.

I normally don’t use this bike on the trainer but wanted to try some riding in the TT position to see if my body could handle it post injury and surgery.

I had thought to maybe file back that edge very slightly to gain a millimetre of clearance.

It was a problem with Neo 1 as well, but I don’t remember it being that close.

The original neo didn’t have actual cadence hardware so perhaps the clearance was better.

Personally I’d say you’ll be ok to ride with it like that.

You shouldn’t get any movement that would cause it to come into contact and without getting scientific the forces applied if contact is made will be minimal owing to the lack of range of movement.

At worst you might take the lacquer off the paint similar to what chain slap might do. You could some helicopter tape around the chain stay. This might cause contact to be made but at least you know it’s the tape and not the frame.

On the non drive side of the trainer it had attachment for QR 130mm.

In the extras included there was one for QR 135mm. I swapped the two and this seems to give the needed slightly extra clearance. Nothing is touching anymore.

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And the lateral force on the frame with that extra spacing won’t be an issue

You’d be surprised how much flex there is in carbon lay ups.

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