Tacx Neo and handcycle


hoping to find any hand bikers on here that are using a Tacx Neo. I found a photo on a thread here of somebody using a Top End Force RX recumbent bike attached a Tacx Neo 2.

Recently I bought a Neo first gen and have the same bike, but I cannot get my RX to fit on the trainer. The fork hits a raised area of the trainer on the non drive side. Can anyone here share any experience on using a Top End hand bike with a Neo.

Thanks in advance

We have a fantastic Para-Zwift community on Facebook over in this group. I’ve seen several quite ingenious setups in that group such as mounting trainers on metal stools to change the angle and improve the clearance for the forks and chain. I’m not sure how many of them are also on these forums but they’re awesome people who like to help so you might want to join that group and ask this over there as well.


Hey Lucas, thanks for the tip, big help!

Hey Lucas! I don’t have a Facebook anymore, but would love to know a few examples of handcycling setups. Any chance you or someone on that group, could post a few examples here?