Help! Using disc brake bike (with QR skewers) on Tacx Neo!

Hi guys, this is abit of an unsual one and I have scoured forums/youtube guides but not seen anyone dealing with this situation.

I wanted to setup my wifes bike (Canyone roadlite 7) onto one of my direct drive trainers, specifically my Tacx Neo Smart.

Problem is, the bike has disc brakes but does not use a thru axle, it has regular QR dropouts and comes with qr skewers as well. I assumed I could just use it as normal on the trainer however when I do the brake caliper is squeezed right up onto the trainer and also the dropouts don’t properly sit on the trainer either (again, the caliper is blocking it from being to move in enough).

Anyone know what I am supposed to do here??? Buying one of those thru axle adapters that Tacx make presumably wouldn’t work would it since I am not use a thru axle? Or would it still work?

Thanks in advance!

I have the same situation. First, if you change from a rim brake bike to a disc bike the rear dropout spacing increases from 130mm to 135mm. With the tacx neo you need to install a 5mm spacer on the non-drive side. On the trainer, the non-drive axle threads out using a 5mm allen key. Take this out and put the black 5mm spacer on and thread back in. This will allow your bikes dropouts to fit properly on the trainer. With most brake callipers this will give enough space to prevent them from rubbing. With my set up I have TRP mechanical calipers and they just barely touch the trainer. This has not caused any damage to the caliber or trainer. Google " tacxfaqx neo disc adapter" for more information.

I have mechanical disc brakes and a tacx neo. The rear calliper doesn’t touch the neo when it is mounted, but it does start rubbing when I’m cycling on it. I’ve just taken the calliper off the bike (it was 2 allen bolts on my bike) and tied the calliper to the frame to stop it dangling. I’m just leaving my bike on the trainer for the winter so this isn’t really an issue, I could see it being a pain if I was just doing a session and then taking it off again.