2016 norco threshold

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I’m looking to upgrade my current tacx vortex to one of the direct drive trainers I.e tacx neo or wahoo kickr does any one here “know” if the 2016 norco threshold is compatible with either of there’s trainers. Many thanks in advance

Hi @Gavin_Turner welcome to the Zwift forums.

Both wheel-off trainers should be compatible with your bike, but you have to make sure the trainer can accept an 11 speed gear cassette. Once upon a time (5 years ago), trainers could only accept a 10 speed cassette. Avoid old models if you’re shopping for a used trainer.

Whichever trainer you get, follow the manufacturer’s insturctions for setting it up for a quick release wheel with 135mm (not 130mm) axle width.

Check out Tacx’s support site or just contact them directly and ask. I was recently looking up compatibility between a tacx neo 1 and a 2020 tarmac with disc brakes and it turned out that there can be two problems. One was an issue people reported where the disc brake could rub against, or touch the side of the trainer which is fixed with a simple spacer they send you at no charge for their thru axle. The second was the possibility of movement on the non-drive side which needs a custom made shorter adapter for their thru axle to correct of which there is no ETA on my end.

Thanks very much for your help :+1:

Thanks very much👍

Hey @Gavin_Turner - I had a Threshold SL a few years back - brilliant Cross bikes. They have a standard 142mm/12mm 11speed rear end which the Kickr is compatible with (I have the 2018 which also came with a cassette). Kickr’s from 2017 (I believe) model are fine with disks (2018 onwards is defintely fine).

Thanks very much this is really helpful. Would you favour the kickr over the neo?

I cant really answer that as I dont have a Neo but a good riding buddy of mine has the Neo and has no complaints. I would likely have got the Neo had the Kickr not been on special (the road feel is a great sales pitch I reckon) when I was looking. I have zero regrets and I think that would apply to Neo as well a few other well known/popular smart trainers out there.

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