Need help to turn off blinking or strobe lights

Is there any way to turn off the blinking or strobe lights? This feature makes me dizzy and gives me headaches, if zwift can’t stop this, I’m going to switch to a different indoor cycling app.

I’m using iPhone 10 version: 13.5.1.

You may as well just switch.


What blinking/strobe lights?

Yes I will, I exercise to get healthy not get headaches and throw up after the ride.

You didn’t notice it? Some bikes has strobe/blinking lights, looks new to me. I saw this last week after the update, I’ve been zwifting for almost 2 yrs.

Are you referring to the turn signal lights? They are hardly strobe lights, maybe turn down the brightness on your screen or something.

I saw your post and wondered what you were talking about. After riding again I had a look and noticed a red rear light on my avatar’s bike. Is this what you are referring too? I could hardly detect any blinking. I believe some visual effects are only for certain graphics qualities. See if turning your in game graphics quality down to the lowest (that’s the one I always run) stops the issue for you. Also, if this is the issue try a different view so you can’t see the rear of your bike.


Might be this …


Gross. I’ve never seen anything like that before. What device and graphics quality is that?

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Evidently iPhone

Hi @Peryong_Canete_SubaB

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Can you share a picture with us so we can understand what lights you are talking about.

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Like these bright lights Dean. Some are behind the saddle.

Yes I’m using iPhone _Dean, you’re right.

Wonder if this is a new bug on iOS since the update? I run windows 10 and haven’t seen anything like it.

I haven’t seen anything like this in Apple TV, either. That would drive me crazy. The taillights that come on during the Zwift night aren’t too bright, to they don’t bother me, and I hardly even notice the turn signal arrows.

I support this suggestion to be able to turn off effects. If you suffer from epilepsy, this might be a problem.

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Should this be in the bugs and support forum? Or should the OP send a support ticket?

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Thanks @Peryong_Canete_SubaB Those pictures is very helpful. That is not how Zwift should look.

Can you please give us information on What phone you are using and what OS version also Zwift version.

I will move this to the Bug support forum.


I’m using iPhone 10 version: 13.5.1. You’re right I tried to use my old iPhone 6 and no issues at all