Necessary to carry out Spin Down before every Zwift session

Hi guys,


As i’m new to zwift i might be doing something wrong. I realise that before starting and using Zwift i need to start the Wahoo app in order to carry out the Spin Down calibration, other wise i won’t reach speeds in Zwift greater than 19km/h.

Is this a normal procedure?



I saw your other post before this one, so this may actually explain your resistance issue too. You shouldn’t need to do a spindown before *every* session, so I’d recommend contacting Wahoo. It sounds like something might be wrong with your trainer.

Hi Jason,


Thanks for your quick reply. The problem is solved by using a Garmin ANT+ USB Dongle instead of Bluetooth 4.0. Unfortunately the new firmware upgrade is causing the issues with Bluetooth control for the Wahoo Kickr 16.

Hoping Zwift acknowledges the issue and is coming with an update for the Bluetooth 4.0 control asap.


Hi Jason, 


I’m having the same issue with Wahoo KICKR  and a macbook pro via built-in bluetooth… 

What to do?

There is a known issue with KICKR control and BLE we’ve discovered that we’re close to fixing, but it’s not related to the need to spindown before each session. I’m going to close this thread, so please submit a ticket via if you’re having the issue with KICKR/BLE resistance.