N.P.E. Runn like device

I’m planning to build my own device to transform my treadmill into a smart one. It’s a personal challenge. I already ordered the parts (US$ 20).
I need some help to know the info I should send to Zwift app so it can register my speed. Does anyone knows the format of the information and the number of time per minute/second it to be transmitted to the App?
I talked of speed because I think slope or incline is not relevant if the app shows me running in flat course.
Any advise or hint is very welcome.
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Hi @Rafael_ORBEA-Chile

You can look at this site https://www.thisisant.com/developer/

Ant+ has the correct protocol to do this, a friend helped me to do exactly what you are planning to do. We currently have it running on ANT+ the next step is to use Bluetooth.

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Thank you
I did not find any Ant+ transmitter for arduino so ordered a bluetooth one. I will give a second look to Aliexpress.