MyFitnessPal integration

I can’t believe nobody has requested this … but I did a search and didn’t find anything.

I would really like to see a MyFitnessPal integration so that rides done in Zwift are automatically pushed to MFP.


MapMyFitness is an option, not sure if it would upload to MyFitnessPal also:

Also, if you can connect it to your Garmin (upload to Garmin and then it uploads to MFP) account it should automatically upload.

Sorry, I don’t see MyFitnessPal on the screen shot you posted.  Other UnderArmor products are available, but not MyFitnessPal.

> Also, if you can connect it to your Garmin (upload to Garmin and
> then it uploads to MFP) account it should automatically upload.

Actually, it doesn’t … I’ve been talking to Garmin support about that.

They think that MFP doesn’t accept virtual rides … although I’m more inclined to think that Garmin doesn’t push out activities generated on 3rd party services.

I have both Strava and Garmin connected to my Zwift account. I also have Garmin & Strava connected.  When I do a ride in Zwift, it gets pushed out to both Garmin & Strava … but the activity isn’t duplicated in Strava.


Ok, I signed up for MapMyFitness a couple months ago for a Military challenge and I see my rides are also being shown on MyFitnessPal. Not sure why UnderArmor needs so many sites that more or less do the same thing and I am betting go to the same database(s).

Garmin does push activities to 3rd parties, I run my Garmin 920xt along with Zwift and they both show up on Strava.

Paul, do you have Zwift & Strava connected?

I know that Garmin pushes activities created on Strava devices out to 3rd parties … I’m questioning if they push activities created on 3rd parties out to other 3rd party sites?

Yes, Zwift and Strava are connected.

Not sure if it would automatically upload Zwift rides through Garmin to MFP.

Again, I am seeing both my Garmin data and Zwift data on MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness (MFP gives very limited info and MMF just gives a little more). 


I suspect that MapMyFitness is pushing the data to MyFitnessPal … so Garmin is probably not involved in the transfer.

I will try connecting my MMF account to Zwift and see if the activities are pushed out that way.

Actually, I do have MMF & MFP connected … and MMF is connected to Zwift, but the data isn’t being pushed out.

ALSO, I’m seeing generic activities in MMF that have a source of “GARMIN GARMIN CONNECT”.

So it’s quite possible that MFP (and Strava) are ignoring virtual activities that are pushed out by Garmin.