Zwift => Strava => MFP



My question/problem is with syncing my ride to STRAVA and from STRAVA to MFP (My Fitness Pal).

When i ride on zwift my ride is correctly uploaded to Strava (as far as i can see)

And Strava sends the data to MFP. In MFP the ride is allocated as a Aerobic general.


Does anybody has a clue what is wrong or where i have to change a setting?


PS. When I ride outside it is synced from Sigma => Strava => MFP correctly.


This is probably because Zwift ride is a virtual ride and MFP doesn’t have a category for it, therefore it’s getting confused so treats it as Aerobic. But you should be able to manually change it. You can ask the Zwift club on MyFitnessPal, they may know some more details. HERE is a link.

Hope it helps, 

Ride On!