Virtual Ride not Registering

Rode the new course for the first time yesterday. My Zwift account is not linked to Strava, but after saving the file I uploaded the .fit file to Strava. The ride is on Strava, but does not register as a virtual ride - the segments are different and I do not feature in any of the segments in other virtual rides. This is a bit of bug and maybe a concern for Strava as Im competing on ‘real’ segments. 

My Zwift / strava accounts aren’t linked because sometimes I don’t want to post the ride to Strava, but want to save the file. That was never an option - either the file was discarded or it was uploaded. It would be nice to have that option.


On Strava, the “virtual ride” segments are different from the real world segments. They are not filtered based on ride type, but completely seperate (and must be created from a virtual ride to even exist).

Remember to change your ride to virtual when uploading. If a home trainer ride is uploaded as a regular ride and sets a PR, your previous PR is not restored to public leaderboards - if the home trainer ride is reclassified as a “virtual ride”.

If that happens you can find your older PR activity(from the ‘my results’ leaderboard) and make it private, then public, and your PR is restored to public leaderboards.

Probably not a concern normally, unless you do a lot of riding on the solomon Islands, but something to consider for the Richmond area guys if the ride the course both virtually and in real life.