Richmond course and Strava Leaderboards

(Eddie Wang (C)) #1

First off, i really like the new Richmond course.  It was great to ride.

But when the ride loaded to strava, the activity shows up in my activities list, but is not counted towards any of my leaderboards for my groups.  i don’t know if this is a zwift or strava issue.  i did notice that there is a new category in strava called “virtual ride” so don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

i couldn’t find any info on Strava support about it either.

(Eddie Wang (C)) #2

nevermind, i figured it out. the zwift upload to strava defaulted to virtual ride. virtual rides on strava are not counted towards segment or any other leaderboard.  if you change it to “ride” in strava then it will show up.  this was definitely not a zwift problem. sorry…

(Mateo AO (Strava)) #3

Disclaimer: I work at Strava.

The Clubs/Groups leaderboard fix will go out tomorrow morning.

(Scott) #4

Thanks, Mateo!

Eddy - it’s best if you keep your ride set to ‘virtual ride’ so that it doesn’t get mixed in with real world leaderboards. Ride on.