Zwift - Virtual Tour de France - Open - Stage 2 Discovery Ride

Completed the above ride…but although I ‘‘saved the ride’’ it has not transferred to STRAVA.

Cant access the ride to download the file to upload to strava…just get a spinning ‘‘Z’’

It has been transferred to Zwift power ok.

All my previous rides transferred / uploaded to strava and I haven’t changed my set up…same computer etc

Did the ride save and upload to Zwift correctly? Does it show up in your activity history on or in the Companion app?

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it has uploaded and saved ok on Zwift — but has not gone across to my strava account. ALL previous rides have gone across ok and I haven’t changed any of my set up or updated any software
When I try to upload the fit file to Strava I receive the following error message ;-

  • The upload appears to be malformed and we are unable to process it.’’

The ride and all other rides appear on and also on the Zwift companion.

The fact that your session saved correctly to Zwift’s servers is good - if it hadn’t then it wouldn’t cross over to Strava, either.

If you’re getting a malformed file error, see this support article. You may be able to fix it with

it saved ok to Zwift but would not transfer to Strava. I downloaded teh FIT file which was malformed so have now used the fit tools software and the ride has now uploaded onto Strava. However the elapsed distance is 5km short and the WATT output is incorrect and I cant see how to change these.