Damaged Fit file / crashed ride

 Zwift closed as I was finishing my ride - The ride seems to be partialy captured as seems to appear on my activity when I log into zwift website. However the distance doesn’t appear on my weekly total on the Zwift app and I cannot load the file manually into Strava as the fit file is malformed? The distance on the Zwift account also appears to be 4 miles below the completed distance - Is there a way any of this can be rectified?

I have tried attaching the two fit files from today below.


There are sites that can repair fit files:



Try running the file through and if it can be fixed.


Thanks Ray - will try this


We’re also looking into this issue with fit files getting malformed on save. Thanks for bearing with us as we figure out what’s going on.

Hi, same issue here. Crashed while riding, ride is on zwift, but unable to upload to strava.ride 20/11 - 7.27pm