Ride not uploaded to strava

Hi, I did 3 hours and 103km yesterday for the festive 500 and my internet dropped out on saving, 97km uploaded and 2:51 thankfully, but it won’t upload to Strava as the files are corrupted. I tried adding the fit files but they won’t load. I have emailed Strava with a screenshot of my zwift workout hoping they will upload the 97km. Anyone else has this?

Try to repair the fit file (fitfiletools.com) and upload it manually to Strava.


I wouldn’t know where to start :see_no_evil: there were 10 files when I triple tapped the zwift icon, the top one was still open… I emailed them to myself and saved them but wouldn’t know what is wrong with each one. It says malformed.

Any help would be much appreciated. I’m very new to zwift and have only gone on Strava for the festive 500.