Malformed files

For the second time recently, my ride did not successfully upload. I can see the distance and time of the ride in my Zwift activity log - but click on it and “activity details could not be loaded”. Can’t upload the .FIT file to Strava either due to malformed file. Annoying, as i achieved PRs at various points on these rides.

During both of these rides, I hit in excess of 800w on the London underground exit ramps. Is it my trainer or Zwift that can’t handle this or just a coincidence?

I use zwift on a laptop and have a Tacx Neo 2 trainer.

Hi Jamie,

You can try to repair the files.

This could happen if Zwift does not properly shut down.

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Same for me for 3 days now. After Workout and click on upload game freezes. in zwift folder.
No upload to strava either.

fitfiletools helped me as well, when needed. Thanks!

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I had a similar issue after the Richmond re-vamp update.For me it failed to exit normally and save if my ride included an event eg a race or TdZ stage (I’d click to end the ride and ok, then the save screen never came up - it just exited. Windows PC).
Zwift support couldn’t provide any answers so I completely uninstalled and re-installed Zwift. So far so good but it took me a lot longer than it should have to get to Level 33 and it cost me drops. Thankfully each race uploaded to ZP - albeit with some missing data in some cases. In each case a partial ride only uploaded to zwift itself occasionally. Strava and Garmin of course got nothing until I ran the malformed file through fitfiletools and then uploaded the result.
Very annoying after virtually no problems over a very busy 2019 on zwift.

Hi Gerrie, can you maybe assist me if i send my file to you? Cant seem to get it sorted