Sync automatically with RideWithGps

are there any plans to integrate an automated upload of activities to RideWithGps - by that I mean the same feature you already offer for Strava, where at the end of an activity the results are automatically uploaded to Strava.
That would be great!!!

This is a feature I’d also like to have.

Same Here. I’ve used Ride with GPS forever. It gets updated from Garmin Connect. I’m brand new to Zwift. I manually uploaded my first ride to Garmin Connect and Ride with GPS picked it up. I then set up Zwift to connect to Garmin Connect. My second ride uploaded to Garmin Connect with no problem. But, for some reason it doesn’t go to Ride With GPS like everything else that I have on Garmin Connect. It wasn’t easy doing the manual upload. How about leaving some step by step instructions for Manual upload to Garmin Connect here.