Sync automatically with RideWithGps

are there any plans to integrate an automated upload of activities to RideWithGps - by that I mean the same feature you already offer for Strava, where at the end of an activity the results are automatically uploaded to Strava.
That would be great!!!

This is a feature I’d also like to have.

Same Here. I’ve used Ride with GPS forever. It gets updated from Garmin Connect. I’m brand new to Zwift. I manually uploaded my first ride to Garmin Connect and Ride with GPS picked it up. I then set up Zwift to connect to Garmin Connect. My second ride uploaded to Garmin Connect with no problem. But, for some reason it doesn’t go to Ride With GPS like everything else that I have on Garmin Connect. It wasn’t easy doing the manual upload. How about leaving some step by step instructions for Manual upload to Garmin Connect here.

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While this question was asked a year ago, I too use RidewithGPS, as well as Strava (Premium accounts on both), and would very much like to see RidewithGPS included in Third-Party Platforms so my rides here on Zwift are automatically uploaded to RidewithGPS. I’ve contacted RidewithGPS and they say that Zwift has to make this happen.


Same here. Zwift nees to sync with RideWithGPS. I ditched Strava ages ago. RideWithGps is much better.


I also am a Ride with GSP fan - it is a great format for planning rides and tours - our whole Club uses it - So this request is not just from me, but on behalf of the 20 or 30 members of my club who use Zwift - Can we please have a direct link so our Zwift rides upload to Ride with GPS?


Another new Zwifter here who uses Ride With GPS. Would love it if you added that as an automatic upload, like Strava et. al.

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Add me to the list of people that wish Zwift rides automatically uploaded to RWGPS. My workaround is to email myself the .fit file of a ride after saving it, then with my Mac mail app moving the .fit to my download folder. I’ll then open RWGPS and upload the file. It would be great if this process were automated. C’mon, man! Make this happen!

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Disappointed when I learned activities do not sync with RWGPS as well

Not ideal but I just have tabs open to both RwGPS and zwift…I download the .fit file from my activity feed and then upload it into RwGPS. No email required…

But it has to start at Zwift’s end. RwGPS has no way of knowing when rides happen.

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Isn’t RwGPS to make routes for IRL riding and tracking your ride in real time.

Wouldn’t Strava and Garmin connect do a better job in analizing the data, both free.

Hi Gerrie,
you’re quite right about your assumption about RwG and creating routes for IRL. But it’s not the only thing RwG can be used for. I for example use it as other people would use Strava. For me RWG is one part route creation tool but the other part is its function as a ride diary. So I like to record all my rides there and have quite a nice overview in way of different charts etc - not as detailled as Strava but then I’m also not that ambitioned a rider who is riding only to get stronger and make progress to be that 1/1000 second faster than before.
So for the benefit of having my kilometers on Zwift counted to my all over performance it would make life easier for me to have my Zwift rides automatically pushed to RwG.

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Anyone else wish that there is and option to auto upload to Ride with GPS the same as with Strava, Garmin etc.?


Be good if we could have Ride with GPS added to the save data option along with Strava, Garmin etc

My Zwift rides end up on RWGPS because I also use garmin, and garmin is set to sync with rwgps. Are those asking for this functionality, exclusively using Rwgps?

Did you ever get this to work? I was able to sync Zwift and Garmin Connect and then linked Garmin Connect to RWGPS but could not get those two to sync. Seems like it should be pretty simple.

No, I didn’t find a way to sync directly fromZwift to RwGPS. And as far as I understood from my queries to both the support of Zwift and RWGPS there is no way because Zwift would have to provide it and as it seems they are not interested to do so :worried:

Always look at the bright side of life …

The way I understand it: Your Garmin devices (Forerunner, Edge) update Garmin Connect. Garmin Connect updates RWGPS. So all your outside rides and runs make it to RWGPS. Zwift updates Garmin Connect. I can see all my Zwift rides on Garmin Connect. But, here’s the problem: the Zwift rides on Garmin Connect do not make it to RWGPS. You would think that since the outdoor rides show up in RWGPS that the Zwift rides would also. But, they don’t. You have to manually upload the Zwift files that are on Garmin Connect to RWGPS if you want to see them on RWGPS. I did that for awhile but it became too much of a pain. I understand Zwift rides and outdoor rides will update your Strava account. So I think Strava cut a deal with Zwift but RWGPS didn’t.

Maybe RWGPS don’t allow virtual rides to upload automatically. Just a guess.

Yes, that’s really weird. I had the same experience. Garmin Edge 1030 to Garmin Connect to RWGPS – no problem between all three devices/apps. Zwift to Connect to RWGSP – no way :frowning:. At first, I also manually downloaded the Zwift rides to my PC and from there imported them to RWGPS – very annoying. Now I detected that I also could use my Garmin Edge 1030 for indoor training and now I get at least my training transferred to RWGPS even if it’s not the Zwift route – the parameters are almost identical.