Any plans to partner with RideWithGPS, as you’ve done with Strava? I’d really like my avatar to sport my RWGPS jersey on Zwift. As a paid RWGPS user, it would be nice to get a couple free months of Zwift with my subscription, like the Strava premium users get. Direct upload of my rides, as with Strava, would also be nice.

I also am a premium user on Strava and Ride with GPS rider and would like to see them partner up with Ride with GPS so my rides would upload both places.

Hello I am a RWGPS  premium user who has recently switched to using an Elite Direto smart trainer.

I have encountered difficulty with getting the ride data which typically flows from ZWIFT to GARMIN to RWGPS without issue.

Ever since  I changed trainers the ZWIFT data goes to GARMIN but,  never shows up in my RWGPS without me downloading. I have an open support case with RWGPS  because that issue seems to between GARMIN >> RWGPS.  

Of course routine ride data on a live bike using my GARMIN are smooth, that data goes without issue. 

Are there plans to support a direct  an automatic data export to RWGPS, like others?

I am also interesting in a direct sync to RWGPS.