Garmin Connect and others

(David Burgess) #1

I notice a lot of work going into Strava integration. I presume this is because Zwift has a good relationship with Strava. I don’t use it, I’ve been using Garmin Connect because I have Garmin devices and because Garmin will record all sorts of activities. I uploaded my Zwift workout to GC and am pleased to report the .fit file imported great. Not only were all my stats there for me to review, but there was also some GPS data. Now I know what this Jarvis Island is that I’m hearing about.

I presume in the future there will be an auto upload feature to various other activity tracking databases like GC. I also presume in the future we will be able to upload a profile picture and there will probably a ton of other cool features that will keep us interested like Zwifts own workout review pages with graphs etc.

I’m looking forward to my next ride.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

I too use garmin connect (in addition to Strava) so I tried to make sure the fit files worked fine on GC. We’ll probably have an auto-upload one day, but garmin has a strange commercial model around their API so they’ll probably be lower on the list than Training Peaks.

We do have a ton of things on the horizon (including what you’ve described :slight_smile: ), and now it’s just about making as much as possible happen in 2015.

(Philip Amos) #3

The good thing about uploading to Garmin is that you (a user) can then configure Strava and TrainingPeaks to both sync the rides from Garmin Connect therefor you could do away with Strava and TriningPeaks integration from within Zwift.

(Mikael Jonsson) #4

I hope Zwit will implement a Garmin Connect connection so Zwift activities automaticly could be uploaded.