Garmin, Zwift, Strava - should I connect them all?


I use Garmin Connect as my primary data store and send data to strava from it.

If I connect Zwift to Garmin and/or Strava, who wins?

Do I get:

  1. Garmin with all the Fenix 3/HRM advanced runnign data with some virtual run data appended to it from Zwift… OR
  2. Garmin data advanced runnign stats removed in preference of Zwift or Strava?
  3. I end up with multiple entries

Ill try all options as dont mind, but thoughts welcome. 

Since both Garmin and Strava are third-party websites, I can’t speak toward whether they’ll show all the same data whether you upload to Garmin and let Garmin share to Strava or whether you upload to both services from Zwift.

There shouldn’t be any difference between the two options, but trying them out from the connections tab on your Zwift dashboard shouldn’t hurt anything.

ta, ill try them as can delete anything i dont need anyway

Exactly, and if you do notice your rides get uploaded to Strava without specific information that was uploaded when passed from Garmin Connect to Strava, you can always just revert your settings. You may need to disable the option in Garmin Connect before adding your Strava connection though - you may notice double-uploads to Strava otherwise.

OK, so below is how this works after my trying it. 


1 Watch to Garmin Connect to strava free, for outside runs

2 As above for zwift runs as too much hassle to pick n choose what items to upload as really that means disconnect and then reset up…

But for 2, also connect zwift to strava

Then once both runs upload to strava, then delete the garmin one

I guess the better for me route is, you connect to Garmin, your software recognises there is an identical time of run, perhaps as can overlay the heart rate or pace so really does know its the same run, and then with that validation rule in place, you ONLY Enrich the garmin run with the race name and map.

That way when garmin pushes out to strava it is all joined up, and strava already does the check if anyone on strava did the same run. 


Yes I am developer hence thinking on the solution :) 


Anything that could be done to merge fit files uploaded at the same time would need to be done on Garmin Connect’s or Strava’s servers. Zwift itself shouldn’t be attempting to upload more than one activity at the same time. That can happen if you’re connected to both Strava and Garmin Connect while your Garmin Connect account is also set to forward activities to Strava, but shouldn’t happen in any other situation.

I can’t directly speak toward whether Garmin or Strava have any fail-safes built in set to merge activities that occur during the same time. You may want to reach out to Garmin or Strava to ask how they handle uploaded activities, specifically multiple uploads that originate from the same ride.

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