Garmin Connect does not show my distance

Hi Everyone

I am new to Zwift, and have all the connectivity (Smart trainer for power, speed, etc, Plus Duotrap sensor on the bike), Polar heart monitor. When riding in Zwift it shows all the statistics but when I finish the ride, it uploads all statistics (HR, Cadence, Power) except distance!

Can anyone let me know if I am missing any settings?

Many thanks!

How are you uploading your data to garmin connect?

Straight off your sensors or via an upload of a fit file?

Please see

Hi Ben

The details upload via syncing with my watch. I have 935. The sensors work on Zwift but my watch is not picking it up. I had already checked the Garmin troubleshooting but could not find anything on there. Hence my question here. Is it a settings in the watch? The watch shows all the sensor are connected. But again, nothing.

Your hr/cadence sensors tell zwift about you. Zwift doesn’t tell your sensors or watch how far you’ve ridden. That all stays in game. I could be wrong though, I don’t have a watch.

If you start an activity on your garmin watch it doesn’t see you moving so says you went nowhere.

If you want the distance and speed etc then you’ll need to follow the instructions I posted about uploading the fit file from your computer to garmin connect (the website).

For strava users we click upload to strava at the end ride screen and it all goes from zwift to strava.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks Ben. The challenge I have is that my Garmin feeds Ironman VC and without the distance I cannot race in virtual Triathlons. It sounds like it is a Garmin issue, rather than Zwift…Zwift is also linked to Strava but it does not show distance still…so it might be the Garmin is the master transferor of the details and it is this connectivity I need to review. Also, how do I upload a file from Apple?

I may try a ride without my watch and see if Strava takes all the details from Zwift

Just make sure your ride is over 2 km for it to be saved.

When you say upload from Apple do you mean Mac OS or Apple TV or iOS (iPad or iPhone)?

IOS. I use my ipad for Zwift. So was thinking I could discoonnect automatic upload and then upload a file.

I have done a 1 hour and a 1.5 hour ride this week and everything except distance is recorded. I have a 1.5 hour ride tomorrow so was trying to avoid another 40-50km missing!



If you’re riding on iOS, here’s how to reach your .fit file:

Start up the Zwift Application. Tap on the ‘Zwift’ logo 3 times. This open up a browser, allowing you to choose your file (log or .FIT) and email them to whomever you’d like, yourself included.

However the first paragraph of the article suggests auto upload to garmin should work. It’s just it should be coming from your watch it should be coming from iOS. upon zwift exit does it say save and upload to garmin connect?

Yes, says save and upload…Let me review the link you have sent and I will see whether I am missing anything.
Many thanks for your help!