Merging Zwift and Garmin uploads to Strava after the event?

Hi - I’m really sorry - I know that this probably isn’t strictly a Zwift issue, but I hope someone can overlook that and help me.

I have a HRM that only broadcasts in Ant+ (Garmin FR 235) and I ride on Zwift using a dumb trainer (for now).

At the end of each session, when I stop my HRM, Zwift uploads my ride to Strava. My Forerunner syncs the session to Garmin Connect and this also automatically uploads to Strava.

Is there anyway of automatically merging those two uploads so that the heart rate recorded on my HRM is associated with the Zwift upload to Strava?

I’m not looking to broadcast HR in real-time; I just want to reconcile it after the event as currently Strava is listing 2 activities - Zwift and the Garmin Connect upload - when it was really just one session.

Is there a combination of syncronisations I can do to sort this?

Try the Combiner? I dont know if you it merges as you want or appends one file to the next. Might be worth a shot.

Also found this and probably some more out there …