Either HR information or altitude

(Tobias) #1

Hi guys,

I´m new in Zwift and I love it.

  • MacOSX with Garmin ANT+ USB key
  • Tacx Bushido Smart with ANT+/BLE
  • Garmin GSC10 (Speed/Cadence sensor)
  • Garmin Edge 810 (view only on indoor workouts, not saving workouts)
  • Garmin HRM
  • Garmin Fenix 3 (which records the workout)

How I ride:
Pair all devices via ANT+ to Mac and Fenix including Speed, HRM and Bushido.
Start ride, enjoy and sweat, save the workout via Garmin Fenix 3 and upload the ride to garmin connect.
Now I got two files, first the zwift recorded file, which includes the altitude and higher (average) speed data.
Second my garmin data file, which includes the heart rate data including times in zones.

How can I have my ascent together with the heart rate zone data shown correctly?

Thanks and best regards

(Paul Allen) #2

You should have everything connected to Zwift and then after the ride you can manually upload the ride to Garmin Connect. This is the only reliable way to get all the info to match for the ride. 

Before you ask, as of right now there is no way for Zwift to automatically upload rides to Garmin. Garmin has made it so you can only do auto uploads from Garmin devices or apps. 

(Gerrie Delport) #3

Hi  Tobias

Paul is correct. 

It seem like we do have the same setup so let me tell you what I do. After my ride I find the .FIT file and copy it into (https://www.fitfiletools.com/#/changer#view) I use the device changer to change the .fit file to look like it came from my Fenix 3HR (if you do that you get the elevation data to work for all the ZWIFT cources) 

Then I go to Garmin connect and import the new file, update the time zone and name it the same as the strava ride.

Then I go back to strava and delete the duplicate ride (Garmin connect is linked to strava so it send the ride back to strava)


This sound like a lot but once you get the process going it goes quick.

(Tobias) #4

Cheers Gerrie, it works the way your described but I do not see any difference compared to the steps to download from zwift and upload directly to garmin connect. However on your described process also the “time in zone” is missing on gconnect.

Or did I miss something?



(Tobias) #5

@Paul, thanks, I´ll try it tonight.




(Gerrie Delport) #6

The big difference for me is the elevation data. If I upload the fit file directly to GC (Garmin connect) then there is no elevation data for Watopia. Yes the time zone is still incorrect but I manually update that in GC.

If you go to your activity and click on the little pencil (see below) then you can update the time and time zone. 

Below is one of my Watopia rides that I updated. GC look at the GPS data in the Fit file to determine the time and time zone and it is incorrect because Watopia (and the other courses) is in other time zones.

(Tobias) #7

Hi Gerrie, I mean the heart rate data “time in zones” which you can find here:

(Gerrie Delport) #8

I understand now, I see your problem. I wonder if you use that Fit files tools website to combine the fit file from your Fenix 3 and the one from Zwift. I have not use the file file combiner.