To Garmin or not to Garmin

I Zwift with a Elite Direto that has all the needed sensors on board. Is there any benefit to also using my Garmin to collect data or is this just redundant?



I use my Garmin 820 to record my rides at the same time as Zwift just in case something happens I still capture the data.

Double recording “saves” you in the event one of the two recording device get lost, whatever the reason may be.

I’ve anyway experienced annoying Bluetooth disconnection while double recording: Zwift and my smart trainer on Strava & my Edge520+ on Garmin Connect.
I had then to remove the ride GC sends to Strava (that has no height recording, FYI).

Using iPad+iPhone I’m forced to BT, not wanting to buy an ANT+ dongle I linked Zw to GC and switched back not using my Edge520+ anymore.

The only problem I got now, uploading on GC from Zwift (I’ve stopped Double Recording fearing the next hyper-annoying disconnection) is that the HR zones, properly set in Zwift (and seen on the companion app, in the activity details), are messing up with Z5 (anaerobic) starting at 161 while it should be 177 (90% of max HR).

I hope they fix up this anomaly, better sooner than later!

PS: this also happens if I manually upload on GC the Zwift recording downloaded after the ride.
Fit file downloaded from Strava instead - having only the basic free account on that platform - totally loses any HR information while mantaining on the other hand maps and elevation profile,

I like garmin’s website analytics, so i double record with my fenix 5x… once the analytics are recorded, i can delete the garmin double dip and remove it from strava as well (why do i need three tracking websites?)

Data overload I guess.

Your Garmin device comes with a Firstbeat license that provides additional metrics for activities recorded with that device.

See for details about your device.

As others have said, you obviously get a backup for your activity. In some cases it might come in handy if your effort is disputed (e.g. a race win, a vEveresting).

I almost always put the head unit on for the Xert data fields (cycling dynamics if you use the Vector pedals are another thing you might wanna be able to see), and discard the recording at the end.

Thanks all for your input. Definitely something to think about.