Zwift, Garmin Strava and V02 Max

Hey folks.

I am learning out V02 Max and would like it to be recorded on my rides. Currently, it does not calculate in Garmin Connect.

This is my system:

Garmin Edge 820 for outdoor rides, but no power readers

NeoTacx 2 for my inside rides, and power is recorded. I use Zwift

All my rides (in and out) are recorded on Zwift, Garmin Connect and Strava (with Summit)

I understand for V02Max to be calculated you need to have a heart rate monitor and a power reader. For my inside rides, power and heart rate are both calculated. Therefore I do not understand why Garmin Connect is not calculating my V02 Max my inside rides.

If you can help me out with this it would be appreciated.

That would be nice to add, or somehow Garmin needs to calculate it from the sync’d data.

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Thanks. I actually ran both Zwift and my Garmin at the same time this morning. I got my V02 Max reading. I ended up with two of the same activity in Garmin Connect, but I deleted the one made by my Garmin Edge 820, and the V02 Max remained. So I will just do that at least once a week. I hope to get a Training Effort reading as well, but I think I need to have more activities completed after getting my first V02 reading.



It’d be great for Zwift to licence the Firstbeat algorithm and provide that VO2Max measurement as well as Training Effect. Things like the Edge 830 also give recovery time advice I think.

Maybe I just need to update my 9 year old Edge 800 to something more modern…


how did you get garmin to give the VO2 max? I’ve tried running my fenix 5x in indoor bike mode and connect HR and cadense sensors to it… and also then sync the zwift data to GC. but no VO2 anywhere on garmin

To get VO2Max with indoor riding you also need a power meter.

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I do not know how I got my V02 reading
. I ran my Garmin and Zwift at the same time, and I got a V02Max reading from the Garmin. It just appeared in my Garmin Connect account.

Do you have power meter cranks?

its just cadence sensor on the crank… i’ll try connecting my kickr to my fenix today and see what happens.

just connected the kickr to my fenix and saw a power reading when i cranked with my hands… i’ll go do a ride this morning and see if garmin makes the calculation

mission accomplished - it worked and garmin now shows a cycling vo2 max