Garmin Heart Rate and Staminar

I maybe asking too much here but on my Garmin Edge 1040 I have stamina which I have built up over the days and months and im worried the more I do indoor this will start to diminish.
As it stands, I have my edge connected to the Hub so that it records the heartrate and the stamina continues and obviously Zwift uploads the rest of the data.
Issue is that when I am cycling indoors I have the data from zwift uploaded to strava and also garmin connect so stats are double counted.
I know I can delete one but just wondered if there was a better way, would the heartrate data from zwift count towards it?

It doesn’t record things like speed; so you get no distance or altitude etc.

So the only thing it does actually double is time; I’ve been dual recording like this since I started, and haven’t actually run into any complications.
The only place I find the double time an issue is under total activity time reports, and… that’s literally it.

Important things like TSS, and calories, which I presumed would be greatly affected is actually not.

I know some folks may totally disagree with double recording like this, but here’s the thing… there are a lot of stats that Connect doesn’t calculate when it imports rides, which is the primary reason why I do it. Same goes for Zwift rides; since I don’t get speed, elevation, location data… then that is useful data that only comes from Zwift. Second, there are a lot of times that riding isn’t tracked at all (sitting in the pens for example; which can add up to literally an entire hour each week for someone like me).

So unfortunately I haven’t found any other way to handle this; I get different data from Zwift, and from my watch that records; but nothing seems to be problematic.

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Just don’t have the data from Zwift upload to Garmin Connect.
Have the data from the Edge go to Garmin.
You can have both go to Strava, then delete the Garmin data.
I’ve done this for years.

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A few months ago Garmin changed something at there end which means that Connect now calculates your TSS and other stats for your activities recorded on Zwift. So it no longer necessary to dual record. GP Lama did a video about it on his YouTube channel.

Thank you Kev, this is definitely the best solution, just need to upgrade my HRM to connect to Zwift… Thanks for all the other responses too…

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