NEO 2T and VO2 max?

Can anyone tell me where I can see VO2 max in Zwift? I’m using a NEO 2T and an HR band, all connected during my activities.


Zwift does not track or do anything with V02 max.

If you want this info you’d also need to record your ride on a head unit with the Neo 2T as the power and cadence sensor and the HR. I assume all brands provide an estimate of VO2Max but can only speak to Garmin as that’s the head unit I use personally.

Thanks for your replies. Seems that this is not so user friendly… For the app/service of the moment, not providing VO2 max readings/stats OOB is really sad.
So @DKE_Watson, you record two activities? One in Zwift and another one via Garmin, for example?

Yes. The Garmin Edge Head Unit has all the same power, cadence, and HR data. However it doesn’t know the gradients you rode so the distance will be wrong. After my ride I open the Garmin file on Garmin Connect and edit the distance and elevation numbers then delete the Zwift file.

It’s a little more work but certain data is only available for activities recorded on a Garmin device (VO2Max estimation, training effects, etc) and I want this data so deal with the 2 minutes of extra work.

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You can analyze your workout in most software apps that you analyze your outdoor rides.

Like strava, goldencheetah, sporttracks or today’s plan ect

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I record my rides on both my Garmin head unit (mainly for L/R power balance) and on Zwift. Afterwards, I use Golden Cheetah to combine the two data files.

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Strava, AFAIK, doesn’t provide VO2 max info.

Thanks for the details Jim!

I’ll check Golden Cheetah.