VO2 Max enguiry

Currently following the 12 week build me up programme to the letter.

I spent a few months previously building up my VO2 max after a long lay off as I’m carrying a spinal injury.

I also plug my Garmin 830 in when Zwifting on my smart trainer as it helps me maintain my cadence by watchin it, and wear a heart rate monitor.

Issue I am having is despite following a structured training plan on Zwift, my Garmin has told me my training is “Unproductive” and dropped my VO2 max by 2. Any ideas why??

either a) garmin training metrics are trash or b) ur structured training plan on zwift is trash :3

(my bet is ur FTP is set too low, so ur workouts are too easy and ur HR is not getting up high enough)

if you wanna train VO2 max give this bad boy a bash: Zwift workouts: Less than 60 minutes to burn » The McCarthy Special | What's on Zwift? (advance warning: if ur FTP is set up correctly this workout is absolutely brutal - don’t overdo it if ur recovering from injury and know when to bow out)

What sensors are connected to your 830? AFAIK, to get VO2 readings, you need to connect a power meter and a HRM:

“You can use your Garmin® device paired with a compatible heart rate monitor and power meter to display your cycling VO2 max. estimate.”

Edge 830 - About VO2 Max. Estimates (garmin.com)

If you do have both those connected, then yes, i would look at your FTP being incorrect.

Hi,fellow Garmin user here.Hate those ‘unproductive’ messages.If you open it up it tells you why.Also Vo2Max can drop if you’re fatigued

I too get those a lot, even though everything is set correctly. When I open it up it usually says low aerobic shortage, so i ride easy and I get ‘unproductive’ repeatedly then ‘detraining’

Thanks for the replies gentlemen.