My zwift program never closes correctly

For the last couple of months almost every time (currently every single time) I completed and saved a ride Zwift would freeze (windows 11).

I have not seen the streak bonus screen in weeks and have to exit by opening the task manager and manually closing the program.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled on different hard drives but still the problem continues

Looks for video screenshots in settings and turn it off if it’s present. Let me know if that helps.

Thanks for the reply.

Hmmm, I finished a ride and entered the settings menu. Video screenshots was enabled so I disable and click ok.

At this point the program freezes, no chance to save my ride (the files exists in activities so not a complete loss for strava).

I restart Zwift and go straight to settings, disable video screenshots and click OK.

Again it freezes and leaves me hanging on the settings/ preferences screen with a small spinning blue circle.

Task manager is again needed to close the program.

Try setting VIDEO_CAPTURE_ENABLED to zero in Documents\Zwift\prefs.xml

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Welcome to Forum @tony_s2 This is Juan from Zwift. I understand that freezing will surely ruin your Zwift experience.On PC this is usually caused by out of date graphics drivers. or more info on checking this information, check out this article.

Would you mind sending us your crash logs and game logs so we can look into them?

If you aren’t sure how to do that, check out this article for steps on sending your crash logs and this article for steps on sending your game logs.

Once you get the logs, please feel free to contact us at We will be happy to help you.

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Thank you Cassio.

After following your advice and starting, then saving the ride all seemed to work as expected.
Enjoy your weekend.

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Hi Juan.

After following the advice above by Cassio all seems to be fine right now. If anything changes I will post my crash and game logs.
thank you.

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