Zwift crash during activity (windows)

Zwift keeps crashing during activity,
Background fact
Update 12/23 was installed, please help

Tell us all about the PC specs

I have had the same problem since Dec 24th 23.
Hardly an hour without a crash.

Using Zwift on the same hardware sincs Nov 2022…

Windows 11 (23H2) / Ryzen 5500U
Onedrive deactivated

Video screenshot ist activated.

Have you disabled the video screenshots feature in settings?

Is the video screenshot a known source of error?
Is it better to deactivate it?

Yes it’s a fairly common source of trouble on Windows systems, and it always comes with a cost of increase CPU load and reduced frame rate. It’s one of the first things to turn off when you’re experiencing strange behavior or poor performance.

Here too.
Updated Zwift to 1.55 and launcher to 1.1.11 before my last two rides.

Did a ride on Thursday, 26.12.
After about 45min everything startet to flicker and freeze, but zwift didn’t crash.

Did a ride today, Saturday, 30.12.
After about 1h 6min a bit flickering, then zwift crashed completely. Windows and Firefox worked still fine.

PC Specs:
Ryzen 7 3800X
2x8GB DDR4-3200
Nvidia GTX1660 Super
Win10 pro
OneDrive is deinstalled
Absolutely no problems with zwift on the PC before 1.55

I now turned the video screenshot feature off and will do further testing.

Is there any news in the meantime?

I can rarely use Zwift for more than half an hour without crashing.
All tips so far without influence.

I also never had such problems with 1.54 and older

Having the same issue since the end of December. Crashed during an Amalgam workout in the final 8 mins, and during a couple events 40-50 mins in costing me credit and the kit along with it. No Windows event log entry, or crash popup. The Zwift client just immediately closes

Ryzen 5 1400
Nvidia GTX 1080
Memory 16GB (2x8)
Windows 10 (10.0.19045 Build 19045)
“release” : “zwift-game-client@1.55.0+123458”,

Same issue here too I think. When it happens to me it drops turbo Bluetooth, and any attempt to repair locks up the game. Has been working flawlessly on this hardware for 3yrs now, and only started occurring for me since 1.55 update after Christmas and getting the Zwift play controllers (which have been very unstable).

Intel core i5 10th gen
Nvidia gtx 1660 super
16gb ram
4k display
Ultra settings on

Zwift doesn’t crash to desktop for me, just freezes necessitating killing it from task manager and then repairing the corrupt fit file to upload to Strava.

Happened in the last two races I’ve done … no other riding in between.

I’m curious what would happen if you shut off the Play controllers and don’t use them. Still problems in that scenario?

I would also disable video screenshots in settings as a basic precaution.

Already have video screenshots disabled. Will be doing race next time without the Zwift play controllers to narrow down whether they are causing the issue. If so Zwift can have their paper weights back.

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I used another laptop, till now the screen doesn’t freeze, and no video screen
shots taken, so I assume it’s the video recording that’s makes the load on the laptop,
Please tell me how to enable/ disable the video screenshots ?

When you’re in game and at the event selection screen then bring up the settings by clicking on your profile icon in top right and choosing “my settings”. Then under preferences scroll down and toggled “disabled” for “video screenshots”.

If you’re riding in one of the virtual worlds, click on menu button in bottom left corner and select “settings” then scroll down in preferences and disable the video screenshots.

Perform one or the other, only needs done once.

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Havimg same issue with my PC :frowning:

Win 11
Ryzen 7 5700X
32GB ram
RX 6800
Samsung Odyssey G50A

I´ve already disable the screenshot but it did not helped. I will try Zwift on my notebook. If issue continue I will cancel sub. I have seen this issue is well known for long and devs don’t…