My Run Pod keeps disconnecting a few minutes into the race


I have used the pod 3 times so far and each time, the pod is very unreliable with its bluetooth signal. It keeps disconnecting and interrupting my run, pace, etc. After searching on the website, I did what was suggested by taking the battery out and putting it back in, like a shock treatment. That worked for 1-2 minutes and then it disconnected just a few minutes into my race. I placed my phone on the floor, next to my shoe and the treadmill, but it gave me the same result with a disconnection a few seconds into it.

I am quite frustrated and I am questioning the quality of the device. Could you give support as to find a solution to have a reliable and consistant connection between my Run Pod and the platform? I am using an iPhone 11 Max, so it’s not a hardware issue.

Thank you for your assistance. Be well!


I wish I would have read your review before buying one. I am having the same issue . I received mine last night and I have the iPhone 12 . It is frustrating so now I have to have my Apple Watch back to being my cadence and speed monitor now.

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I just got my run pod this week. Overall I’ve been impressed but the disconnect issue is annoying. One time it reconnected after 5 minutes or so of standing still while I was actually still running. Usually I have to end the run and start a new one.

Is it possible to reconnect the pod mid run? It would be great if resetting the connection was a mid run option.

Same here. Different mobiles, Pc and Mac. Different placements of the equipment … and that annoying disconnection. Did you finally found a fix for it?

Running while your avatar is standing on the road is unnaceptable. It’s not accuracy of the speed … is just that it doesn’t work at all!

I received runpod today… also facing the same issue… it keep getting disconnected after a minute…

When I launch the zwift app, it show connected, but… after a minute, get disconnected, connection lost, take out the battery, even change new battery and try again… still the same. Very annoying, not realible at all.

Just wondering who is the fella design this product? Should done a proper quality control check before release this product to customer.

No solution at all and no troubleshooting guide.

Just seen this thread whilst looking to see how many connections the zwift pod can make at the same time. I received mine today and got the connection issues straight away
I had linked it to my garmin and basically it couldn’t do both at once. To sort it out I made sure nothing else was connected. Took it out of my laptop Bluetooth devices and my iPhone devices so nothing was connected.
Then just start the zwift app and it should connect using either zwift companion or device Bluetooth depending on what you select in zwift settings, I selected device Bluetooth. Make sure you don’t make a Bluetooth connection on your device first, let zwift pick it up.
I found the connection was stable from this point on.