Running Pod Connection Failure

Not sure if anyone can help as its’s a strange issue. I had been using the Zwift Running Pod on my Dell XPS PC for a while with not issues, went for about 2 months without using it and this issue has appeared. At the start of the app when searching for the pod it appears up and has full green bars for connection but when I start the run in the game. ! Connection Failure appears up the top left and everything gets greyed out. I have tried connection on the PC, my Phone and Tablet and all the same

Hi Barry, I too had this identical message today. Due to injury I haven’t used the runpod since October…I have had previous issues with connection but this is the first time I have seen this message. It is a step forward in terms of messaging/connection issues as previously my avatar would just stand still. It can’t be the duration of non-use as my husband used his today after an even longer period of runpod non-use and his connected and worked as expected. I may contact ‘support’ because when I checked the green connection bar it was constantly flicking between red and green, so I disconnected all devices and reconnected, then it was all fine. Sorry not able to help…but you are not alone.

I am also having the same issue. Have done some troubleshooting and replaced the battery with issue persisting.

Will check that both ZC and Laptop are on same network next time I run as suggested in another thread.

I am having the exact same problem, I have been using my Zwift pod without any problems for 2 years and now I keep having connection failure despite the pod being full green bars and being connected, I have tried both directly with my Apple TV and also via the Companion App. Neither with any success. I have changed batteries (5 new ones) and also see this problem with my 2nd Zwift pod too so it is not isolated to my original pod. Please help!

Ok folks, I spoke with Zwift help desk and they helped me solve the issue (see article links below). I went through the list of possible interference for BTE and saw fans and headsets listed. Apparently fans create a field around them which can interfere with BTE. I moved my fan to 5 feet away from my Apple TV and not inbtwn me and my Zwift Pod to Apple TV and presto, no more Connection failure.

Also, I used to use AirPods with my iPhone which was also running the Companion app - as soon as I stopped using my BTE headsets, I had no more connection failure issues. I just put a Google nest mini in a plug behind my treadmill to minimize interference and still have music during my run and I can use voice commands which is awesome. The only bummer is this means I won’t be able to use my laptop with my BTE headset while walking on Zwift with the companion app on my iPhone connected to the Apple TV during Zoom calls (as it seems impossible to avoid getting a connection failure msg with all the BTE signals crossing).

I hope this helps!!!


Hi Katy,

Thank you for reaching out to us! My name is Patrycja and I’m with the technical support team here at Zwift. I’m sorry that we missed your chat earlier and you’re having issues with your RunPod but I’m happy to help you.

From what I understand, recently your Zwift pod has started to have connection failures despite being full bars on battery and being shown as connected on the pairing screen, right?

I understand how frustrating it must be!

First of all, thanks for trying to troubleshoot this issue by yourself!

What is more, please check out our article for steps on troubleshooting your runpod.

Furthermore, from what I can see in our system, there are many disconnections and errors in connecting to BLE and this may be the reason why you’re having issues with your RunPod. The usual cause for BLE dropouts is wireless signal interference.

Check out this article​ for tips on how to prevent this from occurring.

Please give these steps a try and let us know how it goes.

Ride On.
Patrycja S
Member Experience Agent

Hi, I’m having a similar issue, on the run pairing screen it detects my Garmin 735xt for my HR fine, it also picks up my Zwift run pod ok, displays mph for like a second then it just drops off. I have a PC laptop, it has Bluetooth & I’ve got an ANT+ dongle in the side.
It’s detecting them fine so they must be connected up correct,it just won’t seem to hold the data from the pod for more than a second. Brand new batteries (have tried both as still not working) no fans around etc. please help, this has been going on for 2 months now. Have Ben trying different things but no joy.

After spending £70 Thinking it was my run pod playing up, I purchased a Zwift/North Pole Engineering Runn sensor, having exactly the same issue. Zwift is detecting if fine even picking up the correct MPH of tee tread when I’ve got it running, when I click OK and go into wattopia or whatever , the avatar will just not move, and then comes up connection failure. I am truly baffled. PLEASE Help!

I use a Runn and it works for me but I’m not knowledgable enough to know why yours isn’t working.

@Stuart.Middlecoate has much more knowledge and I’m sure will help if he picks up this thread.

Just a couple of things:

  1. If you are using the NPE Runn why is the FootPod 42660 showing under your speed pairing.

  2. Any chance you can post a short video of how the lights are running on your RUNN when treadmill is moving and you are running on it - in Pairing mode? Viewing a single shot picture doesn’t help identify if Runn is picking up the treadmill speed.

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Had exactly that. I gave up with it.

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First thing, have you installed the Configurez app on a phone / tablet?
If not you’ll need to do so and update you the latest firmware. Also when in the app do a restart of the Runn.

Next thing, I’m intrigued as to what connectivity options you are getting. When pairing the Runn are you getting both Bluetooth & Ant+ options?
You need to press the button twice to turn Ant+ on.

Try connecting via each option. Ant+ is more stable, Bluetooth can be prone to interference.

It seems odd you’ve had the same issue with separate devices.

Do you know what revision of Ant+ adapter you are using? Again I’ve seen issues with these albeit I’m moving away from this as an issue given that it is detecting the device.

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Hey guys, thank you all for your time, last night I managed to get onto the live chat after not getting anywhere with the solutions provided on the technical help topics, it turned out I had to go into the documents folder on my PC, open Zwift , then delete a ‘known devices’ file along with another one. Then reboot Zwift and pair & it all worked. If anyone else wants help with this , let me know & I can post the convo I had with the steps he told me to do.i knew it wasn’t anything major because it wall all connecting fine, he just wouldn’t run.

Thank you for your help Ian, it turned out I had to delete a ‘known devices’ file on my Pc. I will post it in the thread for anyone else ready to try. Take care