Running Pod Connection Failure

Not sure if anyone can help as its’s a strange issue. I had been using the Zwift Running Pod on my Dell XPS PC for a while with not issues, went for about 2 months without using it and this issue has appeared. At the start of the app when searching for the pod it appears up and has full green bars for connection but when I start the run in the game. ! Connection Failure appears up the top left and everything gets greyed out. I have tried connection on the PC, my Phone and Tablet and all the same

Hi Barry, I too had this identical message today. Due to injury I haven’t used the runpod since October…I have had previous issues with connection but this is the first time I have seen this message. It is a step forward in terms of messaging/connection issues as previously my avatar would just stand still. It can’t be the duration of non-use as my husband used his today after an even longer period of runpod non-use and his connected and worked as expected. I may contact ‘support’ because when I checked the green connection bar it was constantly flicking between red and green, so I disconnected all devices and reconnected, then it was all fine. Sorry not able to help…but you are not alone.

I am also having the same issue. Have done some troubleshooting and replaced the battery with issue persisting.

Will check that both ZC and Laptop are on same network next time I run as suggested in another thread.