Dropping Signal

Hello All,

I just wanted to know if people are having the same issue.

I use Zwift for running, have the Zwift running pod and the Wahoo HR monitor.

It has been working fine until, I think the latest update.

My avatar guy just stops mid walk or run. Then starts up again. It just disconnects without reason. I replaces the battery in the foot pod.

Also to put things into context, I am using my iPhone connected to a monitor for viewing.

This morning during a 30 minute run. It stopped for over 3 minutes in total.

It was all working fine until recently.

The only change is the app update and battery change.

Anyone else feeling my pain?


I’ve been assisting somebody else that has this issue. Although we can’t specifically say that it is related to an update.
Unfortunately this type of behaviour is not unheard of for the Zwift Pod and is common when they start to fail.