My rider is no longer responsive when I start pedalling?

I managed to get the rider to move yesterday for my first ride, but today with all sensors still paired up correctly, when I start pedalling straight away for 30+ seconds nothing happens? I literally clicked the last button ‘Just join’ and then jumped on my bike and started pedalling, but nothing… the rider isn’t moving today? How should I get started?

I’ve figured out that you can press ‘a’ on the keyboard to bring up the sensor config screen to check that all is still paired OK, which it is, but still with everything registering in the top left of Zwift; Cadence, HR etc. my rider just will not move?

Hi Harvey,

What Powermeter or trainer is paired with Zwift?

I’ve not got my power meter connected, I’ve just got my Garmin speed sensor on the rear hub, cadence and HR strap. I also tried it with my Garmin 1000 switched off. My trainer is a Tacx turbo.
All sensors are registered and working in the config screen, but I’ve just noticed the speed sensor isn’t registering in the top centre of the screen.

For the first time my rider was fully responsive.
Persistence pays off in the end…

I’ve just completed my first 10 miles around Zwift Island.
A totally excellent experience. Now eager to get back on and ride again.

With my software up to date, and a non-responsive rider, I pressed ‘a’ to open the sensor config screen and clicked search on all my sensors. Doing this with the Speed sensor prompted me with an new option of 'Which Trainer ’ are you using? I had to select other, as my Tacx Turbo was not listed. I finally closed the sensor config screen and jumped on my bike.

I have the same problem

Heart rate detected, giant ride sense cadence and speed sensor detected but rider will not move

I have removed and restored the program but to no avail

Anyone have a fix 

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I’m completely frustrated…

I’m setup on a Travel Trac Mag trainer using a Wahoo Blue SC speed/cadence sensor connected to my mobile app (new BLE beta). Mac OSX 10.7.5.

 I’m getting a reading for speed and cadence on the pairing screen, but when i exit to the rider screen all that shows up is the cadence and the rider doesn’t move? I’ve read every post on here trying to troubleshoot and put in service tickets for 2 different issues that have magically disappeared (crashing issues). i’ve restarted about 10 times, re-installed 3 times, and can’t get this to work… 

does anyone have a solution??

Same here. I want to ride!!! 


I have my Garmin GSC10 speed/cadence sensor paired and Zwift is registering the RPMs, but the rider isn’t moving.

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same as above, everything connected but bike not moving.


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Here same issue :frowning: Garmin Sensor paired and heart monitor paired, when pairing I can see the speed going up, however when training starts only heart monitor shows in the center and nothing, not moving! very frustrating and no answers anywere

I have the same problem.  I haven’t used the Tacx Neo and Zwift for a month or so and came back to it today and it goes through the usual upgrades but when starting pedalling I wasn’t moving on the screen.  very frustrating wasting time with these problems… 

I am hoping everyone here with this issue has submitted a support request. That would be the fastest way of us helping you out.

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