My rider aint moving. Everything is in order.

(Jonas Alapnes) #1

My RPM and Watts are showing on screen, and my rider just stands up like he is about to start riding, then nothing. He just sits there acting like he is racing. Last time everything worked fine, but now… I have tried reinstalling, unabled bloethooth etc. I am using a taxc smart flux. Anyone else having the same problem?

(Steve Ellis) #2

What device are you running Zwift on? PC, Mac, iOS, TV OS?

(Jonas Alapnes) #3

I’m running on iOS. 

(Steve Ellis) #4

Jonas: just to confirm the situation – you have your Tacx FLUX Smart, direct drive trainer paired via Bluetooth to the Zwift app on your iPhone or iPad, Zwift pairs with the power sensor, the cadence sensor, and the controllable trainer sensor, you click the ride button, Zwift displays your current wattage and cadence, but your avatar stands still in the game.

(Jonas Alapnes) #5

Yes, exactly, Steve!

(Steve Ellis) #6

Jonas: I’m at a loss. You’ve done everything I know to do. The only thing I have left is to suggest filing a support ticket with Zwift.