My kicker turns gradients upside down

Since the update in the beginning of June my kicker has been way off. Finally found a pattern. I spin out uphill and have the circle of death downhill. I think inclination is read opposite.
Anyone have experienced the same?

Hi @Lars_Wangensteen_666, welcome to the forums. Which Kickr do you have? There was a firmware update a few weeks ago, make sure you have the latest firmware using the wahoo app to update it. I have a Kickr Core and it has been working just fine, fully updated firmware and latest Zwift game version on Windows 10, connecting via ANT+.

What are the details of your setup (device used for the game, how do you connect, etc.)?

Kicker 18 with Bluetooth to my Apple TV 4K. I am on the latest firmware. And the bug appeared after the update in the beginning of June… something was of but since I was riding almost flat events I could not figure out what was wrong. But today day I became obvious during a race on Bigfoot hills it became obvious that +x degree behaved like -x degrees, and downhill where the opposite. Giving me the same feeling as the erg spiral of death.

i’m a broken record with this response, but check this thread out to see if there are any similarities to your situation:

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Thanks. Symptoms are similar, but did update my kicker after the first issues appeared.
Deleted zwift from my Apple TV, and reinstalled it. Initial impression is that it might have solved my issues. Conclusion to follow after next race/event.