My bike sits at the edge of the road the whole ride

For all rides my avatar sits in the slip lane (edge) of the road. As such it rides through stationary bikes and runners. I am never sat into the lane of the road and in closing gaps I never seem to draft.

How to I change what seems to be a app functionality error?

It’s spoiling the whole riding experience


I have had this as well with latest app version and the version before that.

I have a Kickr Bike. I usually disable steering from the pairing menu, this solves it usually.

I’ve also noticed the lack of drafting when this happens, I have to put out a lot of power to stay with a group while they are just cruising along at a fairly easy effort.

@Chris_Smith10 @Chris_Denton_LACC Thanks for flagging this up! We’ve created a ticket for this issue and passed it along for further investigation.

Hi there

Thanks for the information. It seems on further investigation and a trial last night that the steering function uses the same two buttons as the Campag gears. Essentially I’m steering my self into the verge! There seems no way to solve this very strange design feature. If I steer I end up in the wrong gears so I just concentrate on the gears. As a result a ride constantly in the edge of the road with no drafting at any point.

This really spoils the ride experience to the point I’m thinking of giving up on Zwift and returning to Rouvey

My kickr Bike is configured to be SRAM E-Tap AXS 12 speed. (More info for the devs and the test people).