"My Best" Screen

(Craig Pate) #1

After the last update the boxes for “My Best” filled in for the 5 Second, 1 minute, 5 Minute just fine.  But the 20 Minute still hasn’t populated.  I’m at level 21 so lots of rides to pick from.  Any solution?  Thanks.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hey Craig -

When you say it is not populated, what do you mean? Do you see it as ‘0w’ or do you see it as ‘- -’ in the box?

(Craig Pate) #3

Just the “—”.  Any ideas?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

A very good idea, actually -

That result shows when Zwift finds unrealistic numbers in your data. This could have been caused by any number of issues, like a setup problem or a wattage spike.

Can you open a support ticket, please? http://bit.ly/ZwiftSupport  Make the first sentence of the ticket ‘ATTN: Assign to QA Lindsay Ruppert’ and please include the ‘cp’ folder located in Documents/Zwift - just .zip the whole file up for us. We will examine your data to diagnose the cause, and pull the bad data when we locate it. At that time Customer Support will help you restore the fixed data, and you can continue improving your 20 minute best. 


(Craig Pate) #5

Hi Lindsey,


While you’re working n the above issue.  I also have a small thing that seems to be stuck.  I finished the climbing challenge a while ago but the view at the end shows 18% complete yet my bike is at the top.  See attachment.  Thanks. Craig

(Lindsay Ruppert) #6

Hey Craig - 

Our Everest Challenge actually has 2 stages - the first is the actual height of Mt. Everest, and should have unlocked the Trek Emonda bike when you completed it. The second stage is the 164,042 ft target you see on your screen. Once the first stage is completed, it automatically rolls over to the next, so it can catch you off guard when your completion goes from 100% to 18%. Don’t be discouraged, the prize for finishing stage 2 is awesome!!

Ride on!