My avatar won’t move

Hi all,

Just purchased a bkool pro 2 and I’ve followed what I think is the right steps but my avatar won’t move on either the bkool app or zwift. Connection shows as blue but I can’t get my avatar to move which indicates something is wrong. Can anyone help as I’ve spent the money and keen to get going but can’t?
Thanks in advance

Restart everything. This happened to me too when I first joined. Just restart your computer, phone, trainer, everything. Then reconnect. Should solve the situation. It did for me

Thanks a lot for the reply. I have tried that already. I restarted my phone, laptop and the BKool itself. Still no luck… I wonder if I have a faulty item but it’s like one aspect of it isn’t working. That’s the power as when I peddle the screen picks up RPM but nothing moves. My avatar on both the BKool app and Zwift just remains still. The resistance remains the same and I can barely pedal.