My account was reset - anyone else

After working my way up to Level 14 with 1.2M drops, today I found that my entire account was reset and I was put into the 25km trial. All my history gone and (the worst part), I can’t take part in the group ride today with my IRL riding buddies.

I suspect you just logged in using the wrong account. Seems like you have a few accounts presumably with different email accounts.

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I’m going with what Ben said. There are four Tony Alam accounts, and three of them are Level 1.

The other is Level 16, but it’s not the one with the NTT tag in the name.

This happened to me yesterday. I got locked out of my account and now I am stuck with a new trial account. I was at level 46 before it happened. It happened after changing my email address in my profile. It seemed to have happened because the email address I changed to is the same email address of the first Zwift account I had set up but never did use. I am waiting for Zwift support to get back to me with a solution.