Zwift Junior Account

Hello, I’ve submitted my forms for a new Zwift Junior Account back on Jan 18th but I’ve heard nothing back yet and we’re missing training rides with his Club.
How long should it take for his account to be setup/approved??
Thanks, Jon

Normally it takes a day or two. @joules Can probably check on the status of the account approval.

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Hey Jon,

Drop me a message with the email address you used to contact us with and I’ll see if I can find someone to pick it up.

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My account is email address removed and the Junior account should be email address removed

I might have mixed them up on the form ?!?

Thanks, Jon

Hi Jon,

It looks like we replied to you a couple of days ago. Can you check your email again and see if it’s in there?

Also best to delete your email address from this post.

Please don’t post email addresses on the forum, PM them. I removed them per Forum Guidelines.

Yep apologies - I replied from my email account and didn’t realise it was posting the message in the forum. Thanks for cleaning that up.
I check his email account this morning.

If you’re not able to see the email, it basically said the email addresses were the wrong way round.