Starting over

I’ve done a bit of a search but didn’t find anything exactly like what I was looking for.
I know it’s possible to pause Zwift and then come back in a few months, with all the data there.

What should a person do if they wanted the opposite?
I’m almost at level 50, I have all the badges I think I will be able to get, and I’d just like to start over.

Thinking about it, I really don’t care if I lose the km, etc. I have accumulated , I know how far I’ve ridden.

I would just like to start over , from scratch , earn those route badges, etc. etc.

Could just create a new account with a different email address.


Thanks! Yes, I figured that would be possible, but hoped for a simpler solution. I only have one email address and would prefer to keep it that way! But maybe that will be what I will do.

You can delete your account instead of pausing it, my partner did this after her zwift trial ended. I assume you could then use the same email address to make a new account.