Reset account?

I was a heavy (daily) Zwift user from October to March last year.

I’m planning on doing something similar this year but I want to start over. No badges, no achievements, no PR’s.

How do I do that?

I don’t believe there is a way. Perhaps you could just create a new account.

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Won’t it have to map to a different email address?

Change the email for the old account to something different first? Or just use the + hack in your email address if your provider supports it?

It probably would, but there are ways you could work around that.

You could create a throwaway (e.g. Hotmail) account and swap your current Zwift account to use that. Then use your real email address for a new account.

If you’re using Gmail, you could change your current one to include “+old” at the end - e.g. change from to You’ll still get confirmation emails to the “+old” version (that’s just how Gmail works), but you should be free to use the normal version again on a new account.

thank you - i do use gmail

worked perfectly - thanks

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