Cant remember what email address used for an account

Long story short , I’ve a mate whos not tech savy. We created an account on zwift for him about 2 years ago, I wrote it on some paper , and he lost it. The money is still coming out of his account but he cannot sign in as he doesn’t know the email address we used. I’ve asked him to email zwift tech and they cant give him more that last part of his email address. So he is stuck.

Can anyone help. I have his account as a fav in my zwift companion app and can see his profile etc but it doesn’t show the email address he used for the account.

The only option I can think is get his bank to cancel the card payment and create a new account.


What is his account name, might be able to use the new forums to search for his email address.

Lee Wilson from the UK, there are two accounts one newly created yesterday. The other is around 2-3 years old - that’s the one we want.

Tagging @Vincent since he can see a lot more than I can.

Thanks for the help so far, but zwift support have come good. They had enough info to get me the correct email address. I’ll have to make sure he doesn’t lose it this time.

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