Trying to change email address

I have a couple of email addresses and used one to set up a free trail a few weeks ago. Earlier this week used a separate one to enrol on Zwift. I know I should have just used the free trial email address but I’d done the deed before I realised! Anyway I now find I am unable to link my Zwift account to my Strava and Garmin accounts. I clicked “Connect" for Strava and Garmin on my profile page but the rides I have completed this week do not appear on either. I’m assuming it’s an email issue. Both my Strava and Garmin accounts use the same email address, which is different to the one I’ve used for Zwift. If I’m correct in my assumption, what I need to know is how to change the existing Zwift email to the one used for Strava and Garmin, and overcome the “Can’t do” message I’m getting.

Hi @Ian_Stewart2, welcome to Zwift!

You will need to contact support to get the email address changed or merged, and unfortunately they are swamped right now and it is taking much longer than usual to get a response. Did your rides from the trial get uploaded to Strava? You may have to log into Strava and accept the permission to interface with Zwift.

i’ll add here that even if support does the merge, it’s not clear that it is truly merged. i changed my email address, had to contact support to get them merged, several back-and-forth over email to get it done.

BUT, even though i now use the new email address to log in, i randomly still get a smattering of emails to my old email address mixed in with those to my new email address. it seems like some sort of syncing issue – some weeks i get the “your week on zwift” email to my new one, some to my old one, and other weeks to neither. event notifications follow the same pattern.

Hi Mike. Thanks. No I hadn’t set up Strava permissions when I was using the trial. What’s the best way to contact Zwift. I tried the 0808 number but it said not available.

Thanks Dan.