Started over again - From level 14 to 1 !

Last week after/during riding a World social Ride i noticed that my level was down from 14 to 1. I got easy achievement that you revieve when your’re new , and also message about a 14 day trial period. (Including mails from Zwift with “beginner info”)

Anyone ??


Best Regards,

Hi Stian,

Looks like you actually created a second account. Fortunately, the second account is on a free trial and you haven’t created a subscription. So you’ll need to run through the different email addresses you’ve used to figure out what’s what. I wouldn’t want to give out that information here for your security.

You simply need to log into your main account on the website, the game, and if you use the Zwift Mobile Link, that too. It looks like you had logged in this morning, so you might have figured it out already. 

Hope that helps! If not, just submit a ticket and we’ll get you sorted out.